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  • +1 (213) 443 413
  • Acta Healthcare Resource Mgmt. Sol. Inc. Santa Clarita, CA 21355

Office Address

Acta Healthcare Resource Mgmt. Sol. Inc. Santa Clarita, CA 21355

Corporate Office

Acta Healthcare Resource Mgmt. Sol. Inc. Santa Clarita, CA 21355

Phone No.

Sales +1 (213) 443 413

Support +1 (213) 443 414

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Next Gen HR & Staffing
Management System

Envision your Hospice & Home Health Agency effortlessly constructing, sustaining, and overseeing a flourishing healthcare staff in a cost-effective manner? Consider it done !

  • Intuitive technology
  • Simplifying staffing
  • Reduce expenses
  • Enhance shift fulfillment


Hospice & Home Health

Discover the
Acta Advantage

Complete HR Compliance

Keep track of licensing, certifications & background checks of staff.

HR Credential
Status Alert

Get automated alert notifications when a license validity is expired.

Manage Staff

Keep track of scheduling and completion status of all patient visits.

Hire Clinicians

Hundreds of MDs, NPs, RNs, CHHAs waiting to pick visits on demand.

Point of Care

Visit verification and documentation though app for mandatory compliances.

Clinicians on
Call 24/7

Connecting to pool of clinicians ready to deliver care on demand- 24x7.

Empowers Clinicians to Choose Shifts & Earn More

Tired of mandatory overtime, weekends & holidays? Whether you're an MD, NP or RN, Acta empowers you to select your shifts and work on your own convenience.


Registered Clinicians-
MDs, NPs, RNs, CHHAs

  • Jobs on fingertips
  • Min. compliance hassles
  • Your preferred days
  • QA though mobile
Discover advantages

Hippa Compliant & Chap
Verified Technology

Trust on HIPAA compliant Acta Staffing & HR Application ecosystem that adheres to
the physical, administrative, and technical safeguards outlined in HIPAA & Chap.

On-Demand Access to Qualified Healthcare Professionals

Acta is the #1 Staffing System for Hospice & Home Health Agencies in US that includes HR Compliance, Staffing, Scheduling, Inventory and On Call Services 24x7.

MDs, NPs, RNs, PRNs, CNAs, & CHHAs are instantly connected with top-rated hospice and home health agencies, providing shift availability with flexibility and control tailored to individual preferences, prioritizing work-life balance.

  • Browse & pick up local shifts, working when and where you want.
  • Gain freedom and flexibility as an independent contractor.
  • Prevent burnout and enjoy a better work-life balance.
  • Stay in charge of your income with instant wallet credit.

Agencies efficiently address last-minute call-outs and cover long/short-term leaves by accessing a large pool of clinicians from diverse locations, saving time, money, and hassle.

  • Maintains mandatory HR compliances
  • Instant access to clinicians with qualifications that meet your facility’s needs.
  • Background checked and credentials verified
  • Rating & Feedback to choose the best applicant.

Operating In All States Across USA

Screening Our

Carescan Survey

Acta uses behavioral & personality screening checks for educational and psychometric screening of clinicians.

Background & Id Check

ACTA uses industry-leading Checkr to conduct background checks on clinicians before approving on its platform.

License Check

Acta verifies active licenses for facilities and conduct LEIE check, verify that a negative TB test was conducted within a year.

Rating & Feedback

Clinicians are rated based on services they delivered and feedback they received. A trust badge is showcased against their profiles

Join Acta clinicians team and relish employer-sponsored benefits & support with ultimate scheduling flexibility.

Medical Doctor

Registered Nurse

Certified Home Health Aide

Certified Nursing Assistant

Nurse Practitioner

Bereavement Counselor

Hundreds of Agencies & Clinicians
Rely on Acta Staffing App


Hospice Care


Home Health


Nurses RN


PRN or Per Dim

What Clinicians say about Acta Staffing App

Jennifer Lind

Medical Doctor

The flexibility and earning potential Acta offers is unmatched. I make my own schedule is what prevents burnout. I make sure I take a break from time to time to reset and recharge.

Amber Barrett

Registered Nurse

I decided to become a nurse because I love helping people as much as I can. I am a single mom and I have to keep the household up and running. Acta allows me to do just that.

Glenda Staley

Certified Home Health Aide

A lot of places do not show us CNAs the appreciation we deserve. With Acta I really feel appreciated every day - from the rates you guys offer to the customer service. You guys are awesome!