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Acta is the #1 Staffing & HR system in US offering staffing, scheduling, inventory & on call services to hospice & home health agencies. It instantly connects verified healthcare professionals with top-rated agencies in their locality for shifts, based on individual choice & preference.

  • Credentials, licensing & background check & complete HR compliance
  • Automated alert notifications at credentials validity expiration.
  • Track Staff scheduling & completion status of client visits.
  • Hire Clinicians Instantly. MDs, NPs, RNs, CHHAs waiting to pick visits on demand.
  • Connecting to a pool of Clinicians ready to deliver Care on Demand- 24x7.
  • Visit verification and EVV documentation for point of care compliance.

HR Compliance for Hospice
& Home Health Agency

Hospice & Home Health agencies are subject to various compliance required to ensure regulatory adherence for HR documentations. Acta Application is designed to automate this hassle and keep your agency compliant at all times.

Employee Records Compliance

Detailed personnel records for each employee, including their qualifications, licenses, certifications, and employment history.

Job Descriptions Compliance

Clearly defined job descriptions for each position in hospice agency outlining roles, responsibilities and expectations.

Criminal Background & OIG Verification

Criminal background & Inspector General exclusion verification as per federal regulation & healthcare industry standards.

Employee Handbooks Compliance

An up-to-date employee handbook containing policies, procedures, and guidelines applicable to hospice agency employees.

Time & Attendance Compliance

Electronic Timekeeping System for accurate and up-to-date records of employee work hours, attendance, and leave taken.

HIPAA Compliance Compliance

Documentation of HIPPA Act training for all agency employees to ensure the protection of patient health information.

Drug Testing Policies Compliance

Drug testing policy, procedure & record keeping for employees for safe work environment ensuring federal & state compliance.

Safety and OSHA Compliance

Documentation of safety training, OSHA compliance, and records related to workplace safety initiatives.

Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations of employees- feedback on job performance, areas for improvement and goal setting.

Training Records Compliance

Documentation of training programs attended by employees to maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Credentialing and Privileging

Records related to the credentialing and privileging process for healthcare professionals, ensuring they meet required qualifications.

Employee Files Compliance

Well-organized employee files containing relevant documents such as resumes, applications, and performance-related records.

Leave Policies Compliance

Documentation of leave policies, including records of employees taking sick leave, vacation, or other authorized absences.

Termination Docs Compliance

Records related to employee terminations, including exit interviews, return of company property, and final compensation details.

Compensation Records

Documentation of workers' compensation policies and records related to workplace injuries or illnesses.

I-9 Forms

Properly completed and stored Form I-9 for each employee, verifying their eligibility to work in the United States.

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Staffing Solution for
Hospice & Home Health Agency

A pool of highly skilled fully credentialed HPs, MDs, RNs, PRNs, CNAs, Social Workers, Bereavement Counselors, Chaplains, Physical & Occupational Therapists available to provide care services ON DEMAND at your client locations- WHENEVER and WHEREVER your agency requires.

  • Clinicians available for ON CALL Services after regular hours- helpful to fill your last-minute shifting needs and serving clients at critical times.
  • All clinicians fully credentialed, background-verified and rated based on services they delivered and feedback they received.
  • Trust badge for Clinicians against their profiles to assure the quality of care services you get.
  • A great tool for Agencies for filling last minute shift and managing caregiver absences due to illness, leave or vacation.